*This offer is exclusive to grooming shops & mobile groomers. Please only share with other groomers*

Since we also own a (mobile) grooming company we know how important a good website can be. A good site projects professionalism and gives people vital info. as time goes on the value only increases. We now get 50% of our new customers from our website and having a customized contact form makes getting the right info to schedule them easy.

Check out our site:

We can setup a site similar to ours in complexity etc. for only $100 upfront and $20 a month for hosting. this includes the purchase of a domain name if you don’t already own one!

A few of the features we would implement for you are:

  • Full site with pages for services, contact, photos etc.
  • Google indexing promotion and SEO.
  • Local business SEO, to help promote you when locals search for their types of services on google etc. (hugely important)
  • A complex contact form system to allow customers to request an appointment online.
  • Social sharing buttons for facebook, by email, twitter, printable as well as “like box”
  • Auto load facebook album photos so you can add photos of dogs you’ve done as easy as uploading a pic to facebook ( also helps promote your facebook page)

We could also add other features for little to no money, just tell us what your thinking!

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Again please do not advertise this offer to people other than groomers. thank you.